Signing Up To MentaNet

Mentalympians is an initiative to develop an online mental health ‘community channel’ to inspire hope by raising awareness of recovery; to help reduce social isolation and foster recovery by connecting individuals to their local services and support networks; and to progress social change by acting as a catalyst for collective activism (background of initiative).

While the Mental Health Council of Australia has welcomed Mentalympians as a “world first website [and] a creative approach to promoting awareness of recovery” (press release), it is still in its early stage of development.

The participation of people interested in mental health is needed for this initiative at the present time, specifically by signing up as members for the new Mentalympians social network (MentaNet).

As addressed below, the sign up process is simple and allows individuals who want to participate and remain anonymous to do so.  Furthermore, content posted on MentaNetwork is only available to registered members as an added level of privacy.

Although members have the option of adding assorted information to their accounts for other members to view, there are only 5 required steps to register as a member of MentaNet:

1. Enter your email address (which will be required for you to login);

2. Create a password (which will also be required for you to login);

3. Create a profile name (which is the only required piece of information that will be visible to other registered members, and still allows a member to maintain their anonymity if desired – examples of possible profile names: Australian or Mentalympian99);

4.  Confirm reading and accepting the terms of service, (which also includes the service’s privacy policy, respecting how your privacy is to be protected as a member); and

5. Enter your date of birth (this information will not be visible to other members and is only used to ensure eligibility, as minors are not eligible to be registered members).

The objective of MentaNet is to create an inclusive online environment where individuals with mental health issues, and others who are passionate about mental health, are able to participate in a safe, supportive and productive environment.  Unfortunately, social prejudice and discrimination still exists in relation to mental health issues, and some people might only be willing to participate in such a social network anonymously.  This is why members are not required to provide their names or other identifying information for the purpose of registration and participation.

At the same time, the social network is designed to provide registered members the option of posting appropriate information about themselves to other members, including their areas of interest in terms of mental health and links to their website, blog, Twitter account, and Facebook account if they wish to do so.

Also, when a member opts to enter either their first or full name on their account profile, other members will see this information and not their registered profile name.

It would be greatly appreciated if you are willing to support Mentalympians by becoming a member today (sign up) and notifying your family, friends and colleagues who might be interested in this initiative.

Anyone with queries or suggestions related to this social network are invited to contact me by email.

Thank you for your consideration.

Keith Mahar


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One response to “Signing Up To MentaNet

  1. Gael Menzies

    I put in my name and email address, but am not sure that I have actually signed on.
    signed puzzled

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